Wednesday, December 1, 2010


     This piece is the second Art 245 assignment, a triptych montage of the same twenty five images. I found several surreal images on google, most dealing with the theme of time. This is my first experience working with photoshop. In the beginning I found the whole assignment to be incredibly overwhelming, but in the end I learned a lot about so many of the things that photoshop can do. The piece is called 2:29, in reference to the time theme and in reference to the exact minute that I finished the piece. I spent a great deal of time experimenting with different filters and different levels of opacity, in the end I think I kind of like it in a craptastically dreamlike sort of way.

      This is the first part of the triptych and also the first panel I worked on.
I feel it is the least successful of the three, because it really doesn't have anything holding it together.

      This is the second panel I worked on, at this point I was starting to have a little fun with the project.  I really like the way this part of it turned out.

     This is the final panel.  I think it's strong.  I really like the hourglass part.  I hope everyone enjoys my beginner's photoshop work!!!


  1. I loved this piece when I saw it in class and I love it online. You did an excellent job blending in some of my most favorite colors. I especially love the first and second parts. I'm very curious how you did the spiraling filmstrip. You seem to have mastered the whistles and bells of Photoshop. Overall, this is one of those pieces that I could hang on my wall and just stare at for hours.

  2. This piece is a great! the colors, the blending, the idea behind it all really works with me. you did a great job with the concept and with the project really pushing it to its fullest capabilities. the flow works well and i find lines that move from one image to the other, a great job!